Wednesday, June 1, 2011

::"I Do" to blogging::

Over the past year, I've read so many different blogs and all the while I've been so ridiculously envious of how great these people are. They run families with small children (b/c they are young. All of my friends have not randomly had small (stature) children), work amazing jobs, run to and from work everyday and still manage to document their lives. I will admit...I do have a lazy string that runs through my body, but as the saying goes "we make time for what we think is important".
My time has come. I will blog for the next 3 months. That is my commitment. After that, I will see if this blogging "relationship" is meant to last.

1 comment:

  1. yay, i love blogs! it's my own personal little downtime at night when the kids are in bed, to update my blog and catch up on my blog reader.

    my husband has had a beard and 'stachey since we met. to cover the double chin, primarily, hahaha, he said it, i promise ;) anyway he just shaved it off for the first time a few weeks ago, made our 6yr old cry, bwahha, and made me feel like i was living with a stranger. now the 'stachey is mostly grown back, i missed it!

    JEN aka Matt Drake's friend LOL