Thursday, June 2, 2011

::Writing on the Wall::

I LOVE writing on the walls!!  
That's the child coming out in me, but it's true!  It's like breaking all the rules and it catches attention, because you shouldn't be allowed to do it.  Dan and I have started this new thing at his apartment, where we write encouraging things on the wall.  Ok, Ok...not just the wall.  I took a huge old picture frame and with leaving the glass in and taking the back off, it made a sweet dry-erase board.  So we write on the glass of the frame...and the small dry-erase board by the door...and the mirrors...and the fridge.  Let's just say that we've found the impact of writing on surfaces to be great.  Which brings me to the whole reason of writing on the wall...


There is something so powerful about speaking/writing truth to each other.  After speaking with two great friends one night about sustaining and growing our relationships with our husbands (or fiancée in my case) I challenged one of the girls to start encouraging her husband by speaking truth into his life.  Intentionally saying things that are true (via. the Word of God) about her hubby.  Instead of reminding him of the areas he screws up in, she would be reminding him of the man of God he IS!!  The idea came out before I could really think about it...and then it hit me; GREAT IDEA, Dre!!  So I promptly went to Dan's apt. and implemented this idea.  Right there on the mirror:
 "...And you will be called by a new name Which the mouth of the LORD will designate."--You have been given a new name and you have been redeemed.  Thank you for continuing to become the man of God that He's molding you to be.
Simple.  It took a few minutes and it was easy to do...but the impact...the impact of those few minutes and the words on that mirror was immeasurable.  Needless to say, He loved it and to my surprise, he started writing back.  Well, now we have multiple surfaces in his apartment that speak truth about each of us and who we are in the eyes of our Lord!!  Can you imagine how powerful it would be to be surrounded by relationships that are focused on speaking truth to one another?  So...Beautiful.  So refreshing.


  1. awesome awesome idea! i love it and maybe 'borrow' it ourselves. let's see how encouraging the man in our life motivates them to be stronger men, godlier husbands and more dedicated fathers instead of nagging! i mean, we fell in love with him for something in the first place, right? let's remember those things and move forward powerfully :) thanks for sharing drea!!

  2. It's a great thing! I love that he encourages me to be the woman of God that he fell in love with! "Move forward powerfully"
    great way to put it!!